New Spring Sale! Get $2 off per bag on Non-Gmo Chicken Starter and Grower!

Yes that’s right.  For a limited time you can get your spring feed order in for a HUGE discount.  Get our NON Gmo Chicken Starter and Grower for $2 off per bag, no limit on size of order!

So email us at for a custom quote, or call the office at (330) 377-4016 and get your order in now to take advantage of this sale before it is over!


Freedom rangers from JM Hatchery available soon!

Beginning in April, JM Hatchery will begin selling Freedom Ranger chicks that were hatched from hens that are fed ONLY Hiland Naturals Non-GMO feed!  So your birds will be truly non GMO from start to finish.  You can order directly from JM Hatchery or through Hiland Naturals.  Give us a call at (330) 377-4016 or visit JM Hatchery at



New Sale starts today! Get $1 off any bag of feed and more!

NEW SALE STARTING TODAY!  GET $1 off per bag of feed, any size order, any feed!  Good on pre-pay orders or orders paid within existing terms and good through the end of February!  Order today to take advantage of this great sale.  We also encourage everyone to utilize our webstore to order or get a custom quote for larger orders.  For website/larger orders, email us at to get a quote with the discount included!

Updates to our webstore, changes, and a video!

We wanted to thank everyone for your feedback about our new webstore.  It has been a great success with a few hiccups along the way:)  We have taken all the feedback that has been given so far and made some changes.  Here they are…

1. We have eliminated the free shipping on the 25lb bags (it was kind of confusing) but we have also been able to reduce the price then significantly.

2.  All retail prices are now up to date and should be the same as our office location prices.

3. You can still get custom quotes on any order just by emailing!

Finally one of our goals is to continue the education of others about the benefits of non gmo products.  Check out our latest video that talks a little about why we choose non gmo!

Why Non-GMO?
Why Non-GMO?

Email us today at for a custom quote on your feed needs!  We can save you money on your feed cost and shipping via our webstore at

 Thanks for being such great customers!

October means deals at Hiland Naturals!

Get .50 cents off retail price per bag on any feed ONLY via our webstore through October 6th.  Place your order today to take advantage of this offer.

Email us today at for a custom quote on your feed needs!  We can save you money on your feed cost and shipping via our webstore at

 Thanks for being such great customers!

FRIDAY SALE!!!! Swine feed, pallet shipping and more!

Don’t miss our Friday sale!  Get swine feed on sale, plus discounted pallet shipping on ANY order PLUS all NON GMO chicken feeds are 10% off!  Order today…

Swine feed on sale today!

Today on our webstore: ALL NON GMO Pig Feed ON SALE! Click this link to go to check out our pig feeds to get your pigs to pack on the right kind of pounds before winter…

ANY ORDER Flat rate pallet shipping today only on webstore!

Any order Flat rate pallet shipping deal today on webstore…Get $75 flat rate pallet shipping to Ohio, KY, IN, WV, PA, ILL, MO, MI and $100 pallet shipping to everywhere else on ANY ORDER TODAY. Just email for a custom quote on those large orders or place the order on our website and select the discounted pallet shipping!

Now order Freedom Ranger chicks online! Place ALL your Hiland orders through our webstore

You can now order Freedom Ranger Heirloom chicks from our website (local pickup only).  Just click on the “baby chicks” link on our webstore site at  We also encourage you to use our webstore for ALL your ordering needs from this point forward as this is the best and most efficient way for us to fulfill your feed needs!



Our webstore is now up! Please us if possible…

We want to encourage everyone to use our webstore for all their regular purchases. This helps us be better able to handle the volume of calls in our office. Of course if you have questions please give our office a call but if you know what you want you can complete almost all of your orders directly through our new online store at Thanks for helping us out in this way!  The Hiland Team

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